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Using DataSwarm Zeitgeist to help your trading
Using Zeitgeist to help your trading

The DataSwarm Markets system calculates the Zeitgeist of stocks on the main US exchanges - a positive Zeitgeist indicates the market is happy with the stock, a negative Zeitgeist indicates pessimism.

The DataSwarm Markets system is designed to help you interpret the Zeitgeist of any stock so you can make better trading decisions. It should be used to enhance your existing trading strategy by giving you additional insight.

Top Tickers - Selecting Stocks to Buy
The Top Tickers Report is a really useful tool to discover promising stocks that have a positive Zeitgeist in the market. The report shows the stocks with the highest (and lowest) Zeitgeist rating at any moment in time.

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Stocks listed as "Top Picks" have Zeitgeist of over 4 and are often worth investigating further for their buy potential, likewise stocks listed as "Ones to avoid" have a strong negative Zeitgeist (less than -3) and are worth investigating further for their sell potential.

Results can be filtered to show Large Cap / Mid Cap or Small Cap stocks - Pick whatever suits your own trading strategy, we find the Large Cap tend to be less volatile and some would say better for that longer term value investment, whereas the more volatile Mid and Small Cap markets can present more short term opportunities.
Top Tickers Report

The heart of the system is your Portfolio where you can enter all the stocks you own and when they were purchased (indeed you can enter the entire trading history to build a fuller picture).

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Use the Portfolio Explorer to check the performance of your investments....

You can see at a glance the current price, 5 day Zeitgeist graph and 5 day price graph which give you a quick visual indication of the stock's performance. Solid dark green graphs are positive, dark red graphs are negative.

In the next columns you see the size and value of your holding, with any profit (or loss) since purchase.

Click the down arrow in the Transactions area to open the trading history window where you can record purchases, sales and dividends.
Portfolio  Explorer
Portfolio Report
Once you have set up your Portfolio you can run the Portfolio Report against it.

The Portfolio Report shows the 30 day moving average Zeitgeist for the selected ticker compared to the sum of all the tickers in your portfolio.

By using the Portfolio Report you can quickly identify any individual stock that's pulling down your portfolio's overall Zeitgeist.

Portfolio  Report
Portfolio Value Explorer
The Portfolio Value Explorer shows you the financial performance of your portfolio.

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The report shows the change in value of all the stocks in the selected portfolio, with the long term performance shown on the X axis and the short term performance on the Y axis.

The current Zeitgeist of each stock is represented by the colour of the bubbles, darker green tickers have a higher Zeitgeist and darker reds a lower Zeitgeist.

Ideally all your stocks will be in the top right corner of the graph, with excellent long and short term performance - and ideally they are all dark green showing a positive Zeitgeist!

The definition of Short Term can be selected as either "today" or the past 5 days.

Performance can be measured in absolute terms, i.e. the percentage change in price for the period, or it can be measured relative to the S&P 500.

NB: The 'Long Term Value' is the change since you first purchased a stock that has not been subsequently sold, so if you have holdings in your portfolio that arise from multiple trades the value will be assessed on the oldest unsold transaction.

If you have many stocks in your portfolio you may need to Zoom the chart to see the detail, on a desktop this is generally a mouse wheel function and on a mobile it's a finger pinch.


Alerts allow the system to monitor your stocks automatically - and to send you an email when the Zeitgeist changes significantly.
Head over to the alerts page and select the type of alert you you want to set up from the drop down at the top.
With the Basic subscription you can set up:

  • Real Time Zeitgeist Alerts
  • Alert when the Zeitgeist of a stock changes significantly
With the Pro subscription you can set up
  • Real Time Zeitgeist Alerts
  • Alert when the Zeitgeist of a stock changes significantly
  • Pre Market Opening Alerts
  • Alert every day just before the market opens with the Zeitgeist since the market closed
Configure your alerts and sit back and let the system keep you informed with the key information you need to know, when you need to know it.


Pure Zeitgeist on its own is not a direct predictor of the financial performance of any individual security. However, DataSwarm believe that Zeitgeist can be a powerful additional predictive component of an overall trading strategy. DataSwarm have been trading on our own account and have shown we can beat the indices - so why not subscribe to DataSwarm Markets and join us.

Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security. See the full Terms & Conditions.

System guide  

We offer support and welcome all feedback:
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