DataSwarm Markets, measuring real time market Zeitgeist - aiding investment analysis, stock price and performance prediction.

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DataSwarm Markets is a new service from DataSwarm Ltd. We welcome feedback and suggestions from users on how you would like to see the service develop, please email comments, questions and ideas to

Markets are, to a greater or lesser extent, driven by factors such as sentiment, fear and greed.

DataSwarm's Swarm Analytics technology provides you with insights into the latest market Zeitgeist, information you can use to inform your preferred trading strategy.

We use Swarm Analytics to provide Zeitgeist indicators in a number of display formats:

  • Immediate
    • A calculation of the Zeitgeist in the period reported, e.g. the daily Zeitgeist for a ticker over the period of the report
      • Useful for shorter time periods and to highlight negative trends
      • Displayed in the Summary Zeitgeist Reports
  • Cumulative
    • The running total of the Immediate Zeitgeist measurements over the period of the report
      • Better for monitoring trends over longer period of time & for comparing trends between tickers
      • Displayed in the Detailed Zeitgeist Reports available to registered subscribers
  • 30 Day Moving Average
    • The average Zeitgeist for the last 30 days plotted over the duration of the report
      • Provides additional smoothing for long term trends
      • Available as an option in reports for Basic and Premium subscribers

NB: This information is provided by DataSwarm Ltd as experimental data for educational purposes only.